The Palmer Connection

The Palmer Connection

Dr. Gregg Jones is the head rugby coach at Kutztown University and has held this position continuously for twenty seven consecutive years.

Dr. Jones also comes from a chiropractic family and background that rivals none other. His father, Dr. Fredrick Jones had a chiropractic office in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. His mother, Gloria, worked in that office as his father’s receptionist and book keeper. Together, they served their community, treating patients for forty five years. His father was a past president of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association. Dr. Fred was also a classmate and close family friend of Dr. Sid Williams, the founder of Life Chiropractic College, in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Fred was a Diplomate with the Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Where he attended the first seminar ever given on the Gonstead Technique in 1959. Dr. Fred then went on to become extremely involved with one of the giants of the chiropractic profession, his dear friend, Dr. Clarence Gonstead.

Dr. Fred’s brother, Dr. David Jones, influenced by the profession, also became a chiropractor and practiced in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, for thirty years. All three of the “Jones Boys” attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Needless to say, this Jones family has very strong ties to their alma mater.

Dr. Gregg Jones owned and operated the Fleetwood Chiropractic Center in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania for thirty six years. Dr. Gregg played rugby at Palmer and was fortunate to be a member of two national championship teams, while in Davenport. Coach Jones has remained active in the development of the Palmer Rugby Club and is currently their top recruiter for scholarship rugby players. Over the years, he has received the Palmer College Ambassador Award and is currently a member of the Palmer College Presidents Club. He is also a former member of the Life College of Chiropractic President’s Club.  Three of his former Kutztown players have attended Palmer College on rugby scholarships, Dr. Mike Watson, Dr. Eric Balcavage and most recently, Dr. Jim Fitzgerald.


Golden Bears in Iowa. L-R : Niku Kruger, Ron O’Brien (Palmer A.D.), Doc Jones, Mike Lawrenson, Gareth Lourens

The tradition continues and Coach Jones has recently returned from Palmer College, where he escorted three current Kutztown players to Iowa. While there, they met with the Palmer Athletic Director and the officers of the Palmer Rugby Alumni Foundation. Sizable scholarships were agreed upon and these three current, Kutztown rugby players, are bound for Palmer after their Kutztown graduation. The three future doctors are Mike Lawrenson, Gareth Lourens and Niku Kruger. The three Golden Bears spent the weekend as the guest of Palmer College and the Palmer Rugby Club. They were lodged in a Davenport Hotel and entertained throughout their four day stay. They had a day-long tour of the college and spent time with the Admission’s Director. They visited classrooms and sat in on presentations about chiropractic history, techniques and chiropractic philosophy. They received chiropractic adjustments and toured the historic Palmer residence. The Palmer rugby coaches took them to dinner and celebrated the Palmer Homecoming with a touch rugby game and numerous luncheons and meetings. The entire faculty and student body capped of the weekend, with the final homecoming festival celebration on Saturday night.

This chiropractic opportunity and rugby scholarship is extremely unique. This particular road to Palmer College of Chiropractic, only travels through the rugby experience at Kutztown University. We look forward to the future and wish these three young men the best. Coach Jones also looks forward to the future and will consistently strive to guide current and future Kutztown players in the pursuit of their chosen careers. As well as continue the Palmer tradition, within the Kutztown Rugby Club.




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